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Harpies - The Harpies vs. The Boreads

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The Harpies vs. The Boreads

Case Description: Complainants (the Harpies) accuse Defendants (the Boreads) of harassment. When Jason and the Argonauts met Phineus while on the quest for the Golden Fleece, the seer promised that he would tell them how to get through the deadly Symplegades if they helped him get rid of the pesky Harpies. So Jason sent Calais and Zetes, the winged sons of Boreas, to chase the nasty bird ladies away.

Case Status: Case dismissed. After a long chase through the sky, the goddess Iris eventually stepped in and told the Boreads to stop harassing the Harpies. After all, they were just doing what Zeus told them to anyway. However, Iris promised that the Harpies would leave Phineus alone as long as the Boreads chilled out, too.

Note: In some versions of this story, one or more of the Harpies dies of exhaustion during the chase.

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