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Harpies Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Why would you want to hang out with the Harpies? They are seriously nasty creatures, whose favorite thing to do is snatch food off of people's tables and then poop on the scraps left behind. If you're really determined to meet them, all you have to do is go to the Strophades Islands near Greece and lay out a picnic. They'll be the stinky bird-creatures with the heads of ugly women that come and steal everything. We seriously recommend you avoid this whole situation. You'll be better off never having met them.

Sex: Females
Age: It's kind of hard to tell
Build: Plump
Complexion: Pale
Hair Color: Brown, Black
Facial Hair: Chin hairs
Scars/marks/tattoos: Lots of warts
Jewelry and accessories: Feathers, wings
Clothing: None
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: Razor sharp talons and beaks

Typical Companions:

Other Harpies

Known Hangouts:

The Sky
Big Bill's Country Buffet

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