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Hector - Achilles vs. Hector

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Achilles vs. Hector

Case Description: Complainant (Achilles) accuses Defendant (Hector) of murder. When Hector slew Patroclus, Achilles' BFF (and possible lover), Achilles totally flipped out.

Case Status: Case closed. Achilles slaughtered tons of Trojans to get to Hector. Hector's buddies told him to run inside of Troy and hide, but he decided to stay and face Achilles. When he saw Achilles coming at him, he started to run until Athena appeared in disguise as his brother, Deiphobus, and told him to fight. Unfortunately, as good a warrior as Hector was, he just couldn't stand up to the mighty Achilles, and he died with Achilles' spear in his throat.

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