Fist Pumpers

These guys and gals take a clue from Jersey Shore and like to wave their hands like they just don't care. So long as their arms are in the air, who cares what's going on? Said limbs might be used to hold drinks, swat flies, and more.


This Greek woman—and wife of Epimetheus, the silly brother of Prometheus—might have brought all bad stuff to the world, but she knows how to party. Sometimes, she claims she popped out of the ground, fully-formed, with her hands up. She got her groove on with Epimetheus after that, but likes to party with whoever's around.


In Chinese mythology, the heavens were created by putting those hands up! The god Ch'ung was ordered to push his arms up, while his sibling, Li, pushed down. As a result, the sky and earth were no longer a big blob, but two separate entities.

The Gopis

Krishna's many girlfriends in Hindu mythology liked to party with the blue dude. One time, he stole these milkmaids' clothes while they were taking baths. He made them come out, buck naked, their hands in the air, to get their dresses back. What a rascal!

Soul Singers

Whether you're singing the blues or dealing with spirituality, you've got to have soul. These folks embody that point of view, handling human souls on a daily basis. From magic to mayhem, they can make people's spirits go up... or down. Heka deals primarily with the Egyptian soul, or ka, which, when activated, personifies individual energy and lets magic reign supreme.


This Polynesian deity helps guide lost souls—basically, he's like a divine GPS. He displays two paths—one that is full of light, one that is full of darkness—to his guest. Using his superior judgment, Tu-ta gives the soul a nudge in either direction. Hopefully, he remembered his naughty or nice list.


This Greek trickster god is also a divine guide to the Underworld. Using his winged sandals and magic powers, he takes spirits down to Hades, the realm of his uncle of the same name. If you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of his handsome face while you're chilling near the River Styx.


The Hindu ascetic Sulabha liked hanging out in other people's souls. She talked philosophy while chilling in King Janaka of Mithila's inner being. They chatted about class, ethics, and everything under the sun. That's also what they do during lunch breaks.

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