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Helen - Femme Fatales

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Femme Fatales

The ladies in this clique are all crazy beautiful and alluring, but they also have a tendency to lure men to their deaths. Oops! Guys who see one of these girls walking down the hall better think twice before they ask her to go the mall on Friday night. Chances are that a seemingly innocent date at the food court might just be their last.


Even if they are half-bird, these ladies from Greek mythology are fabulously beautiful. Their favorite pastime is hanging out on jagged rocks in the ocean and luring sailors to their deaths with their incredible songs. Learn all about the Sirens in Homer's Odyssey.

The Huldra

Also know as the Hylda, Skogsrå, Skogfrus or Forestwives, these creatures from Norse mythology like to hang out in the woods waiting for eligible bachelors to pass their way. They look like beautiful young girls, but underneath their skirts they secretly have a cow's tail. It's said that the cow's tail will fall off if the Huldra convinces a man to marry her, but that she also turns into an old ugly woman as soon as the ring is slipped on her finger. Bummer.

The Ellepiger

These beautiful creatures of Danish folklore, also called the Alder Tree Girls, appear as beautiful young ladies dancing in the forest. They might seem enticing, but it's definitely not a good idea to go bust a move with Ellepiger. Once you get close to them, you realize that their backs are hollow… and then you're never heard from again.

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