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Helios (Sol) Gossip

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In the world of Marvel Comics, there's a super villain named Helio, who can create crazy "air quakes" that scatter his enemies. (We hear that Helios is a little jealous that he can't cause air quakes.)

The Helio Sequence is the name of a pretty awesome indie rock band. (The sun god rocks out to them all the time.)

Helium is an elemental gas, and a ton of it is found in the sun, other stars, and balloons everywhere. (Hmmm, we wonder who it's named after…)

Victor Helios is the alias for Victor Frankenstein in the ever-creepy Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. (Helios sued Koontz for using his name without asking, but Koontz was too powerful for even Helios to stop.)

You ever notice how flowers and other plants like to lean toward the sun? Well, this little phenomenon used to be called heliotropism, thought now it's called phototropism. (This name change totally ticked off Helios. He saw it as just one more thing that was taken away from him.)

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