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Helios (Sol) - Commendation: Heracles to Helios

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Commendation: Heracles to Helios

During his Twelve Labors, Heracles never would have gotten the cattle of the giant Geryon if Helios hadn't lent the hero of heroes his golden cup boat. Helios usually used this cup to sail back east on Oceanus after he was done towing the sun across the sky to the west. Because he thought Heracles was a cool dude, though, Helios decided to let Heracles borrow the giant golden cup to sail to the sunset islands of the Hesperides and do a little cattle rustling. (Hmm, seems a little hypocritical that Helios would help Heracles steal cattle when he had Odysseus's men destroyed for stealing his own oxen…) Full details can be found in our files on Heracles: The Twelve Labors.

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