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Helios (Sol) - Rock Stars

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Rock Stars

The gods in this clique totally shine. They love to see and be seen. Every lunchtime, you'll find them jamming in the sun to the adoration of all. Helios used to be the brightest star there was. Everybody loved watching him streak across the sky, towing the sun behind his chariot. That is, until Apollo came along...


Apollo is the god of prophecy, medicine, light, and a ton of other stuff. Evidently, all of this wasn't quite enough for him, because during Roman times, he took over Helios's job as the god of the sun.


Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and life. He's probably the VIPest of the VIPs in the Egyptian pantheon. He created the world, and he made humans out of his tears. You can see him sailing across the sky in his boat with his awesome entourage. Sometimes, his body is depicted as the sun; other times his eye is the sun.


This Japanese sun goddess is a mega-important deity in the Shinto religion. Once, after an unfortunate bout of domestic violence, she hid out in a cave, plunging the world into darkness. The other gods had to come and coax her out, using a mirror and a jeweled necklace. (Seems like even goddesses love a little bling.)


This Aztec god of the sun and war was known for violently killing his brothers and sister, and throwing their remains into the sky where they became the moon and stars. For some reason, this brutal god is often depicted as a hummingbird. (We bet this story will make you a little more cautious around the next hummingbird you see.)


This sunny god of the Incans was the daddy of the first Incan man and woman. For this and a bunch of other reasons, he was a seriously big deal to the ancient Incans. All the Incan kings were said to be the incarnations of Inti on earth. Inti was married to Mama Quilla, goddess of the moon, and he was usually represented as a golden disk.


This Norse goddess of the sun rides a sweet, horse-drawn chariot just like Helios and Apollo. Of course, Sol's life is a little more stressful than the Greek sun gods' because she's chased across the sky every day by a giant wolf named Skoll. It's said that this chase won't end until Skoll finally catches up to Sol during Ragnarok, the epic battle at the end of the world.


Look what we have here... yet another sun god who pulls the sun across the sky with a chariot. This Hindu god of the sun's chariot is pretty tight, especially because it's pulled by a horse with seven heads. Well, it could be just seven single-headed horses, but still, any sun-pulling chariot is cool in our book. Surya is said to actually live in the sun itself, and he's married to the dawn.


Utu is the Sumerian sun god who governs law making, judgment, and fertility. He uses his sunbeams to cast judgments, which seems like a pretty awesome way to cast judgments if you ask us. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Utu helps Gilgamesh on his journey.

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