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Heqat (Heket) - Froggie Babies

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Froggie Babies

If Kermit were a god, he'd totally hang with this clique. Everyone in this group with Heqat either is a frog, can turn into a frog, or digs our amphibious friends.

Hecate (Trivia)

Not only is one of Hecate's symbols a frog, she is often confused with Heqat, due to their similar-sounding names. However, Greece's scary lady of the crossroads doesn't really have much in common with Heqat, since she's also a goddess of death and change.


In Mesopotamia, if Enki wanted something from you, he might send one of his frog messengers to get it. Once, he sent a frog after the goddess Inanna when she ran off with all his money after a drunken gambling match. Enki's frog didn't come back, but after that, it was used as a symbol for money in the form of frog-shaped weights.

Chan Chu (Ch'an Chu)

Back in ancient China, a famous alchemist had a three-legged frog as a traveling buddy. This frog, Chan Chu, was also the moon and is still a "lucky money frog" statue in Chinese temples, houses, and businesses today. Every time this clique gets together, they empty their pockets to make a pile of change for Chan Chu to prop himself up on.

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