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Heqat (Heket) - Romeos and Juliets

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Romeos and Juliets

Love is sweet, and it's one of the best things about being social at school. These gods and goddesses are always sending cute notes to each other, or arranging ways to get that adorable couple together.

Eros (Cupid)

The son of Greek Aphrodite has to be in this clique. All those hearts and arrows on valentines and carved into desks—who do you think invented them? Sometimes Heqat has to talk him out of pranking people, though. Eros's sense of humor isn't always kind.

Freyr and Freyja

The Norse twins of fertility and pleasure hang out, and where they go, romance follows after. Of course, so does drama… but we're only talking about the sweet stuff, right?


Heqat's fellow Egyptian goddess has the title of "mistress of all love's joys," and she's a goddess of music, dance, happiness, and sexuality. If that didn't make her awesome enough, she's also married to the hottest hunk in class, Horus the Elder. They're the cutest couple around.

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