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Heracles (Hercules): Birth and Early Adventures Heracles (Hercules)

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Heracles (Hercules)

Think of the biggest hunkiest guy that you've ever laid eyes on. Now multiply that hunky factor by the biggest number you can think of. There you go: Heracles. He wasn't just a hero to the ancient Greeks, he was a god... literally. In this story, we take a look at the birth and earliest adventures of little baby Heracles. Even from his very first days on earth, the little rascal was already setting himself apart, killing snakes when he was still in the cradle.

It's really no wonder that Heracles is so awesome. Not only was the legendary hero Perseus his great-grandfather, but Zeus, the king of the gods, was his dad. Not to mention the fact that Zeus was Perseus' father too, making Heracles' great-grandfather also his half brother, and his father also his great-great-grandfather. Okay, this is getting confusing... The point is that Heracles was suped up on all kinds of Zeusy god blood, which made him pretty darn unstoppable. Just like Harry Potter, Heracles is marked from birth to do great things. Unlike Harry Potter, he knows it from birth.

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