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Hero and Leander Leander

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Leander is just your average young hero… who happens to be in love with a girl named Hero. Go figure.

It seems like Leander has sincere feelings for Hero, given that he bravely risks his life every night to be with her by swimming across the Hellespont. (Maybe they should've invested in a boat?) And just like his lover, Leander fits snuggly into the archetypical role of young lover: Romeo, Pyramus, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic—there are a ton of characters like Leander throughout every era of art and entertainment.

Leander ends up being destroyed by his passion when he makes the unfortunate decision to try and swim across the Hellespont during a storm. Romantic? Yes. Stupid? Absolutely. Though Leander is known for being a strong swimmer, he's swallowed up by the waves when Hero's light blows out, and he loses his way. And so the poor guy is destroyed by his two great passions in life: swimming and Hero.

Womp womp.

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