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Hero and Leander Love

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It's safe to say that Hero and Leander are in love. Hero chooses to break her vow of chastity for the guy, and Leander risks his life every night by swimming across the Hellespont just to be with her. From what we can tell, their nights together were perfect, blissful, and full of lovin'. But in the end, their love is the precise thing that destroys them both. It causes Leander to make the highly questionable decision of swimming across the Hellespont in a storm, and it drives Hero into suicidal despair when she finds his body. However sweet it was while it lasted, love ultimately turns into a force of destruction in this tragic tale.

Questions About Love

  1. In what ways does the love of Hero and Leander lead to their deaths?
  2. Do you think that Hero and Leander truly love each other? Or is this more like infatuation?
  3. Think of a recent movie where love brings somebody to a bad end. Compare and contrast the film to the tale of Hero and Leander.

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