The Amazon Nation vs. Heracles

Case Description: Complainants (the Amazons) accuse Defendant (Heracles) of attempted kidnapping and larceny, saying that the hero of heroes planned to steal Hippolyta's magical girdle and carry her away as a bride.

Case Status: Case dismissed. It turns out that Hera caused all the trouble here. Hippolyta was actually so impressed with Heracles that she gave him her magic girdle willingly when he came to acquire it as part of his ninth labor. Hera, who was always out to get Heracles, disguised herself as an Amazon and spread rumors among the warrior women that Heracles was there to steal the girdle and kidnap Hippolyta. The Amazons then rose up against Heracles, but were defeated, and the hero made it out of there with the magic girdle.

Addendum: Some say that Hippolyta was killed in the battle with Heracles, but that kind of throws a wrench in the idea that she was later kidnapped by Theseus. Hmmm.

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