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Horus the Younger Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Horus is just a kid,so he kind of stands out among the other. Sometimes he takes after his dad, sporting the hawk style, but you'll be able to really identify him by the scar on his right eye. Or what used to be his right eye, at least.

Sex: Male
Age: Somewhere in his teens
Build: Strong, but still a kid (human form). Also has a form as a teen with a hawk's head like his uncle, Horus the Elder, and can be seen in full hawk form sometimes.
Complexion: Tanned from long journeys looking for Seth in the desert (human form). In hawk form, gold and black feathers.
Hair Color: Unknown (wears a hawk mask or has a hawk's head)
Facial Hair: In human form, a pharaoh's false beard. In hawk form, feathers on his face.
Scars/marks/tattoos: One near his right eye socket, after Seth cut his eye out.
Jewelry and accessories: Royal necklaces and crowns; two special scepters (called a crook and a flail) that show he is a pharaoh
Clothing: A short white kilt
Armor: Sometimes a shirt made of scale mail
Type of Weapon: A spear or a long, curved sword called a khopesh

Typical Companions


Known Hangouts

The royal palace
After-school tutoring
The Delta marshes

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