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Icarus - Rebels (Without a Cause)

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Rebels (Without a Cause)

Icarus is the classic example of a young rebel. You know the type. They get very specific instructions, like, say, "Don't fly too close to the sun or you'll die" and then guess what they do? Yep, you guessed it. But in Icarus' defense, he's not the only kid who thinks they know better.


Icarus and Phaeton are two peas in a pod. Here's some background: Phaeton was the sun's son (yep). His dad, Helios, told him that he'd give him anything he wanted, so Phaeton said, "How about you let me drive your sun-chariot across the sky?" Helios was totally not into it and told his son that it was a really bad idea. But Phaeton insisted, so Helios let him take a crack at it. Things went really bad really fast. Phaeton was completely unable to control the wild horses that pulled the chariot, and he almost burned up the entire world. Eventually, Zeus had to knock him out of the sky with a thunderbolt. Next thing you know, Phaeton was plummeting to his death… just like Icarus.

Adam and Eve

According to the Bible, these two were the first human beings on earth. They lived in perfect place called the Garden of Eden, where they could eat anything they wanted. Well... almost anything. God gave them very specific instructions not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But all it took was a little convincing from a snake (who some say was Satan in disguise) and Eve was munching on some forbidden fruit and slicing some up for Adam as well. This little incident is often called "the Fall of Man." Hmmm... fall of man, huh? Kind of reminds us of another rebel who had a major fall.


This rebel angel is said to be the main enemy of God in Christianity. Not only did he not rebel, he started a whole war against God. Of course, God showed him what's up and gave him the boot from Heaven. Satan and his fellow rebel angels plummeted from the sky and landed down in the fiery pit of Hell. Wow, the fall of Satan makes Icarus' fall sound like a picnic.

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