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Jason and the Golden Fleece Exploration

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It's important to remember that Jason isn't just famous for being a great hero. He's also thought of as a brave explorer. Part of what makes Jason's quest so nutso is that he and the Argonauts are traveling way further than most every other Greek has gone before. When Pelias tells Jason to go to Colchis to fetch the Golden Fleece, it's kind of like somebody telling you to bring them a couple rocks from the Moon. It's not totally unthinkable, but it would take some serious hutzpah, no?

Questions About Exploration

  1. What do you think it takes to be a great explorer? Does Jason show these qualities?
  2. If you could explore anyplace on Earth or even the Universe, where would it be?
  3. Research a historical explorer like Columbus or Magellan. How do they compare to Jason?
  4. Look up the legendary city of El Dorado. How does the quest for a Golden City compare to a quest for a Golden Fleece?

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