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Jason: Birth and Early Adventures The Hero's Journey

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The Hero's Journey

Ordinary World 

Jason grows up in peaceful exile, learning from the wise centaur, Chiron.

Call to Adventure 

When Jason comes of age, he heads to Iolcus to reclaim the throne of his father, Aeson, from Pelias.

Refusal of the Call 

There's no refusal of the call. Jason gets on the road as soon as he's able.

Meeting of the Mentor

Chiron, who Jason, has grown up with is his real mentor. Jason learned everything from the wise centaur. At this point in the story, he also meets Hera, the queen of the gods, who supports his quest.

Crossing the Threshold 

Jason reaches Iolcus and is challenged by Pelias to sail away and find the Golden Fleece. The young hero is all about it, because he's eager to be famous.

To Be Continued...

The next steps happen in "Jason and the Golden Fleece."

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