Study Guide

Jason: Later Adventures and Death

  • Introduction

    There's absolutely no denying it. We. Love. Heroes. Superheroes, super sleuths, crime fighters, young Jedi, determined hobbits, boy wizards... we seriously can't get enough. We totally devour stories about extraordinary people going to extraordinary lengths to do extraordinary things. Whether it's movies, TV shows, novels, or comic books, stories about heroes are big business these days.

    Of course, this obsession with heroes is far from a modern thing. Human beings have been hero-crazy for as long we can remember. Just take a look at the tale of Jason, and you'll see the proof that hero-worship is programmed into our DNA. This story is thousands of years old and yet it's got all the thrills, chills, and daring-do that gets audiences and readers so excited today.

    In the final chapter of Jason's story, we get to see the aftermath of his triumphant quest for the Golden Fleece. Will Jason finally avenge his father and defeat his evil uncle? Or will his whole quest have been for nothing? Go forth brave shmooper, but be warned the answer might not be what you suspect...