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Jormungand (Jörmungandr) Gossip

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Jormungand's name means "huge monster" in Old Icelandic. Sounds about right to us. (Source.)

Jormungand may be terrifying, but he was also popular. The image of Thor's fishing trip for Jormungand was one of the fanciest in medieval Norse art. Check out Jormungand's photo album for some examples. (Source, p. 122-123).

Jormungandr is the name of a self-described "Ambient Neo-Folk Doom Metal" band from Portland. Sounds… strange. Decide for yourself: listen to the appropriately-named "Ebb of Tides" track.

"Jormungandr's Revenge" is the name of a beer. And no, it doesn't taste fishy. (Source.)

One of Jormungand's nicknames is "Necklace of the Earth" (Húsdrápa 4.4) and now you can literally wear him as a necklace. It's made of strong-sounding stainless steel nuts and bolts, so you don't have to worry about the world ending if it breaks.

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