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Kronos (Saturn) Gossip

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After Ouranos was tossed from power, he called Kronos and his siblings titanes, which means "strainers." Yep, that's how the Titans got their name. (Source.)

There aren't that many planets, right? So it's a pretty big deal to get one named after you. Saturn—you know, the one with all those awesome rings—is named after the Roman version of Kronos.

Shmoop's favorite day used to be called "Saturn's Day" by the Romans. Can you guess which one it is? (Source.)

The Kronos Quartet is truly awesome, and guess who they're named after? Their music is a little more peaceful than the god's story, that's for sure.

In the universe of Marvel Comics, Kronos has a namesake supervillain whose mind became merged with time and space after a bungled scientific experiment. That. Is. Awesome.

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