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Kronos (Saturn) - Time Checkers

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Time Checkers

The folks in this clique are totally obsessed with time. They all have three watches on each wrist and one hanging around their neckā€”and they're never without their trusty iPhone clocks. You'd better believe that Kronos is a big-deal member of this circle. He kind of has to be, doesn't he? After all, he's time itself.

Chronus (a.k.a. Aeon)

Chronus was totally primeval. That means he was one of the first gods with the willpower to pull himself out of Chaos way back in the beginning of everything. Some imagined him as a giant snake with the head of a man, a lion, and a bull. (Yikes. That's a lot of mouths to feed.) Some say that Kronos got mixed-up with Chronus somewhere along the way, which is why Kronos even gets the title of god of time. Chronus was also associated with Aeon, who is sometimes shown as young man with a giant golden zodiac that represents eternity. This guy is definitely VIP.


The Roman version of Kronos had a much better rep than his Greeky version. Instead of focusing on the whole baby-eating thing, the Romans focused on the fact that Saturn ruled over the era known as the Golden Age when all humanity was happy and everything was perfect. The Romans even had big festivals (Saturnalias) to celebrate the god where everybody let their hair down and had a blast.

Father Time

We're guessing you've seen this guy before. Old dude with a beard, a sickle, and an hourglass? Well, this pop culture representation of time comes straight from Saturn and Kronos. You can totally see it, right? The whole beard and sickle thing kind of gives it away.

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