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Ma'ahes - Butcher Boys Club

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Butcher Boys Club

They slice! They dice! They cut evil into Julienne strips! They’re the Butcher Boys Club: gods who love their cutlery (and know how to use it). Ma’ahes is the undisputed master of the mumbley-peg championship, but these other gods are also sharp. (Sharp. Get it? We slay us.)


Okay, so the demigod master of Greece isn’t the nicest guy around, but who cares? He’s deadly with a sword, a knife, an AK-47, his bare hands, you name it… Just don’t ask to see Achilles barefooted. Nobody gets to see him barefooted, and especially not any Trojans named Paris.

Artemis (Diana)

She’s the undisputed mistress of wreaking havoc on the hunt. And you’re right: Artemis, the Olympian twin sister of Apollo, is also not a guy, but not only does she kill every guy who looks at her, she’s better at fighting than most of them. Nobody’s going to be able to kick her out even if they do decide she shouldn’t be in the club anymore, so she stays.


The guy’s name is Kill Hook? What? Oh! Culhwch! We thought you said… never mind. This Welsh powerhouse isn’t just a deadly swordsman and a hero; he’s number one with the ladies. (Or at least one lady, his lady Olwen. Even tough guys can have a heart.)

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