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Ma'ahes - Divine Officers’ Training Corps (D.O.T.C.)

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Divine Officers’ Training Corps (D.O.T.C.)

While other gods and goddesses are out on dates or catching up on their video games after school, these hard working deities are running track, doing burpees (no, not the kind you do after you eat too much, gross), and getting themselves into perfect condition for a military career. Ma’ahes was both a student teacher and a decorated graduate of the D.O.T.C. His current victims, er, pledges, include:

Hod (Höðr)

Hod’s been held back from graduating. But Odin and Frigg (Hod’s parents) and the rest of the Norse gods aren’t angry about it. The last time Hod went out for target practice, he ended up shooting his brother Balder dead and starting the events that’ll end the world. Talk about a bad weekend.

Cúchulainn (Cúchulain)

Ireland turns out some decent brawlers, and Cúchulainn is no exception. He’s been helping Ma’ahes plot out the unarmed portion of the D.O.T.C. training manual. Together they’re turning out gods who can fight with or without weapons. Consider yourself on notice, evil.

Ares (Mars)

Ares isn’t a student at D.O.T.C.—rumor has it that he’s enrolled in classes just to see whether Ma’ahes and his friends are doing a good job. He’s been around warfare so long, it’s entirely possible that he founded the club, but the Greek god of everything military isn’t talking.

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