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Ma'ahes - L.I.O.N.

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Ma’ahes isn’t the only deity at school with a mane and sharp claws. In fact, there are enough lion gods, and gods with lions, that they’ve founded a little group called Leonids Inside Our Neighborhood, or L.I.O.N. for short.

Heracles (Hercules)

There was some argument about whether or not this Greek hero-turned-god should be permitted to join. It wasn’t because he started out life as a demigod, though. It was because the other gods in the group figured out he wasn’t a lion—he was just wearing the Nemean Lion’s pelt to school! (Gross.)


The clique got two gods for one in these super-ancient Egyptians: Shu and Tefnut, the “twin lions of Atum,” can combine forces like a giant Voltron to become Aker, the mountains of the horizon. Sometimes they’re also the boundaries of time, and called Yesterday and Tomorrow. Deep.


The Queen of Cool from Sumeria isn’t a lion herself, but she’s got a wicked cool chariot drawn by seven (count them: seven) lions. Rawr! Bet that beats horsepower any day.

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