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Ma'ahes Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

There are a lot of lion gods, but only one shows up with a knife in each hand. His name is Ma’ahes, and you’d better hope he hasn’t come for you.

Physical Appearance

Sex: Male
Age: Grown-up
Build: In human form, I'm a man with a short-maned lion’s head. On special occasions, though, I bust out my full-on lion appearance.
Complexion: As a man, I'm light red-brown, like all Egyptian men in paintings. As a lion, it's all about my sandy-coloring.
Hair Color: Dark brown if I'm wearing a wig; otherwise, sand-colored fur
Facial Hair: Fuzzy lion hair in fuzzy lion form
Scars/marks/tattoos: Nothing official, but let's just say you don't play with knives this much and come away unscathed.
Jewelry and accessories: As a man, I don golden bracelets and sometimes add a golden collar around my neck.
Clothing: In human form, I prefer nothing more than a short white linen kilt. As a lion, I let it all hang out.
Armor: Sometimes I put on a scale mail shirt, like Horus the Elder wears.
Type of Weapon: All knives, all the time.

Typical Companions

Horus the Younger
Horus the Elder
Four Sons of Horus

Known Hangouts

Wherever evil hides
Wherever the weak and innocent need protecting
Knife and gun shows

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