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Manannán mac Lir - Men of the Sea

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Men of the Sea

These salty lads are gods of the ocean. They love spending every minute in the water, whether it's hanging ten while surfing or sailing across the sea. The one downside: they always smell like sea salt.

Poseidon (Neptune)

This Greek sea lord is as tempestuous as the domain over which he rules. He's master of horses, just like Manannán has a magical steed and considers the waves to be his mounts. Poseidon can get rather grumpy, though—when he does, he slams the earth with his trident and causes an earthquake.


This Fijian god haunts the watery areas of his island home in order to get with lovely ladies that stop by. He and Manannán are constantly feuding over the ladies. Daucina once made a move on Fand, but after Cuchulainn's affair with her, Manannán is super careful about paying extra attention to his lady, so nothing happened between them.


This Japanese sea spirit loves lending a helping hand to nice folks. A fisherman named Hoori accidentally dropped his bro's fishing hook into the water and jumped into the sea to get it back. Watatsumi was the best host possible. Not only did he give Hoori the hook back, he also married the fishy fellow to his daughter, Otohime. Sumi should get the Good Samaritan of the Ancient Japanese Year Award.

Jormungand (Jörmungandr)

A Norse sea serpent, Jormy slithers around like the snake he is. He made an enemy of the thunder god Thor, who decided to go fishin' and catch himself a sea snake. Luckily for Jormy, the giant Ymir cut Thor's line before the god could reel in this slippery fellow. Now, Jörmungandr sulks in the bottom of the ocean, occasionally popping up to annoy Poseidon by tickling his feet.

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