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Medea - Jason vs. King Pelias

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Jason vs. King Pelias

Case Description: Complainant (Jason) accuses Defendant (King Pelias) of fraud. Pelias promised Jason that he would give the young hero the throne of Iolchus if the young hero returned with the Golden Fleece. But when Jason made it back to Iolchus, the king refused to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Case Status: Case dismissed. Before prosecution could begin, Medea took the law into her own hands and tricked King Pelias’s daughters into killing him. The sorceress convinced the princesses that if they cut up their father so that Medea could boil him in her cauldron, he could be made young again. This was untrue—instead, the girls just had some Pelias stew on their hands. Jason and Medea fled Iolchus for Corinth before prosecution could be brought against them.

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