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Medea - The Dumped

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The Dumped

No one wants to be a part of this group, but when Medea’s husband Jason ditched her for a pretty young princess named Glauce, Medea became an official member. Watch out for her, though. Medea got some seriously twisted revenge on Jason when she killed Glauce, Glauce’s father, and Medea and Jason’s sons. Still, we’re guessing no amount of bloody revenge can heal a broken heart.


Hippolyta is queen of the warrior women known as the Amazons. She became one of the dumped when her husband Theseus ditched her to marry Phaedra. Theseus definitely comes out looking pretty jerky in this story, because he forced Hippolyta to marry him against her will in the first place. When Hippolyta tried to get revenge by rounding up a posse of Amazons and attacking the wedding party, Theseus killed the Amazon queen. So yeah, that’s about as dumped as a person can get.


Yet another victim of Theseus’s jerkiness, Ariadne got dumped by the Athenian hero early on in his career. After Ariadne helped Theseus win his fame by conquering the Labyrinth and killing the Minotaur, he had the nerve to ditch her on an island and sail away. (Why is this guy a hero again?)


Deinara was the final wife of Heracles, who tried to dump her for a sexy young thing named Iole. This definitely didn’t work out too well for the big guy. To try to get her husband to love her again, Deinara gave him a robe that was covered with what she thought was a love potion. Unfortunately, instead of rekindling the flames of love, the potion started burning off Heracles’ skin—gross but true.

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