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Drama Club

The Muses are way into the school plays: they're the chorus girls in pretty much every single one. They especially like the spring musical, because they get to show off their singing and dancing skills, too. When it's time for the non-musical in the fall, there's always an argument about what kind of play to do. Thalia always wants a comedy, and Melopmene always wants a tragedy. Dionysus, president of the Drama Club usually has to weigh in to break the standoff.


Thalia was Muse of comedy and Melopmene was the Muse of tragedy, but Dionysus was the Greek god of theatre of all kinds. Some say that Greek theatre evolved from the wine-drenched rituals of Dionysus. And how's this for fame? The great theatre of Athens was called the Theatre of Dionysus, and all plays were performed in his honor. Not bad, D.


This Egyptian god used to be the star of tons of plays back in the day. The Egyptians were performing his story even before theatre got going in Athens. But don't mention that to Dionysus if you see him: he'll think you're calling him a poser or something.

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