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The words "museum," "music," "mos>aic" and "amusement" are all inspired by the Muses. Guess they inspired more than just music and poetry. (Source.)

Muse is the name of a British band that—gasp!—was recently featured on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack.

The calliope, named after the Muse of the same name, is a steam-powered musical instrument that used to be played a lot at circuses and carousels. And on riverboats.

Nine Muses is the name of a girl pop group from Korea. They're really pretty great as far as girl pop bands from Korea go.

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode titled "The Muse," a beautiful alien stimulates Jake Sisko's brain waves, inspiring the beginning of a great novel. But wait! The plot twists when we learn that the extraterrestrial muse is also feeding on the would-be author's brain. Yikes.

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