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Muses - Poetry Club

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Poetry Club

The Muses and their friends can't get enough poetry. Every night when they go home, their parents have to pry to them away from their journals so that they can do their other homework. Half the time, instead of eating at lunch, they just sit in a little circle and read the verses they wrote the night before to each other. Don't worry: they're not as pretentious as they sound. Actually, you should try writing a poem of your own. They love it when new members show up with something to share.


Bragi, a Norse god of poetry, was such a hardcore writer that he had letters, or runes, carved right on his tongue. You'll know it's him because he usually has a massive beard and a harp at his side. Some say that Bragi was originally a real live poet named Bragi Baddonson, but then later poets turned him into a god. Walt Whitman, get on it!


This big-time Celtic goddess, also known as Brigid or Brighid, was said to inspire poets everywhere. Sound familiar? Yep, she's a lot like the Muses. In same way that the nine Greek ladies were associated with springs, fountains, and wells, Brigit was associated with sacred wells.

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