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Mut - Golden Girls

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Golden Girls

Mut is known for hanging out with the other Egyptian divas, Hathor and Isis. But there are plenty of other rich girls at school. All together, they've been known to take over the entire food court at the mall. None of the store managers mind, though, since they all buy tons of goodies.


This gal is the northern diva. Freyja's a Norse goddess who's got the necklaces that bring all the boys (all right, Thor and Loki, mostly) to the yard. She's also got a hot ride and an even hotter brother. All the girls love having them both around.

Hera (Juno)

Zeus's wife isn't the nicest girl all the time, but she's always got plenty of fashion advice (and ready credit cards) to share. She's also got a great eye for who looks good in what. As long as the girls never look at her husband, Hera is more than happy to spend his Olympian-sized bank account on them.


This Roman goddess is so good at money that her name made it into English as a form of it: Fortune. She's all about the gold as well as the luck and loves cruising the mall with the other ladies.

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