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Mut Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Anywhere Mut goes, she turns heads. We're not sure if it's because she has a vulture on her head (it's just a headdress, but still) or the amount of amazing bling she's wearing. Or, you know, the fact that she's drop dead gorgeous. But we know you'll know her when you see her.

Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Build: Slender (human form). She can also appear as a vulture, a cow, a cobra, or a cat.
Complexion: Light yellow skin (like other Egyptian goddesses and women in paintings)
Hair Color: Black hair or a wig that can be black, gold, or lapis blue
Facial Hair: none
Scars/marks/tattoos: none
Jewelry and accessories: Lots of jewelry, an incredible golden crown that looks like a vulture, or a tiara with lots of golden cobras attached. At work, Mut wears the same double crown (red and white) that pharaohs wear.
Clothing: A tight fitting dress, usually blue or red. Sometimes it has white vulture's wings attached to it.
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: Mut has her husband for that.

Typical Companions:

Sekhmet, Bast, Hathor, Isis—it's girls night out every night!

Known Hangouts:

The palace
Amun-Ra's temple
Fancy shopping malls
Near the pool
State dinners

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