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Mut - Student Government

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Student Government

Mut's one of the captains of the student government team. She's been running Egypt for thousands of years, as queen of the gods and as the divine force behind human queens. But no ruler rules alone, so she's got some help from these other deities.


He's one of the school jocks and not entirely a god, but Achilles represents his class (and his native Greece) well. Since Paris was banned from participating in any activities with him, Achilles is also less worried about getting shot down. (They didn't name that tendon after him for nothing.)


Mut's fellow Egyptian goddess isn't actually on the student government team—she's its advisor. Nobody needs to worry about her being impartial to her Egyptian friends, though. Ma'at is as balanced as balance can get.


Some of the other gods think maybe Odin shouldn't be permitted on the team since he cheats. But nobody can question that the Norse All-father knows how to rule. Who else has to deal with treacherous relatives, storm giants, colossal monsters, and Ragnarok?

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