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Nefertem - Haute Culture Club

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Haute Culture Club

Nefertem's part of a think tank made up of the best, brightest, and most beautiful: all the gods and goddesses with the best hair, the best fashion sense, and the best ideas for beauty of all kinds. Their fashion shows are the absolute bomb.


Everybody knows who Freyja is, even outside of her Norse homelands. She's got the best bling, the best chariot, a magic cloak, and men chasing after her halfway to Valhalla.


The Yoruba (West African) lady of beauty, love, and harmony takes people's breath away when she enters a room. But she's notoriously hard to please and has a frightening temper. Everyone does their best to keep her satisfied.

Aphrodite (Venus)

Aphrodite is so pretty that pretty should be named for her. Men and gods both have fought for her attention, maybe even sneaking a kiss. If she's not the most beautiful goddess in all of Greece and Rome, Zeus should strike us down with a thunderbolt. Seriously.

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