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Nefertem - McDreamies

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Plenty of deities are doctors, but not all of them are easy on the eyes. Nefertem's part of this clique of good-looking medics. You'll start feeling better the second they enter the exam room. We promise.


The Golden God of Greece and Rome has a lot in common with Nefertem. They're both young, smoking hot, and interested in healing. Apollo's also interested in the other arts, and sometimes he designs Nefertem's perfume bottles.

Idunn (Idun)

Like Nefertem, pretty and eternally youthful Idunn's got a green thumb. It's harder to grow flowers in the northern lands of the Norse peoples where Idunn's from. But she's really good with apples. So good, in fact, that her apples make people younger when they eat them. Nefertem's been trying to get the secret out of her for ages, but she'll never tell.

The Ashvins (Ashwini Kumaras)

In Hindu mythology, the god Brahma gave these twin gods the power to heal people with Ayurvedic medicine. He also made them perfectly beautiful, so people would welcome their healing powers. They show up before dawn in their golden chariot and scare away the illness of every morning. (Seems like all these medic gods are early risers. What's up with that?)

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