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Nefertem - Perfume Patrol

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Perfume Patrol

Some gods and goddesses just have good scents. Perfume, that is. These deities are always mixing up some potion or other and trying it out on the student body.


Nefertem's fellow ancient Egyptian goddess (and sometimes one of his possible mothers) is so closely associated with perfume that the hieroglyph of her name includes a perfume jar. As the Lady of Perfume, she gives women an extra sensual bonus that helps them attract boyfriends. As a war goddess, her perfume is said to be the stench of blood. (Ew.)


The gorgeous twin of Xochiquetzal is from Central America. His name means "flower prince," and he loves art, beauty, dancing, and flowers. Some say he used flower essences as a sort of drug, to have dreams and promote healing, but that's not so weird. Nefertem used to do the same thing with water lilies.


Adonis isn't only the most beautiful god the Greeks and Romans ever saw, but he was actually born from the inside of a myrrh tree. How many gods can say they were born smelling good? And Aphrodite (Venus) can't get enough of him.

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