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Nekhbet - Air Force

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Air Force

Got wings? Can you fly? Are you divine? Then maybe you'll get an invitation to the mile-high club of the god and goddess jet set. Nekhbet likes to hang out with the flyboys (and girls), especially when they have races over the desert.

Daedalus and Icarus

Greece's two most promising members for the Air Force club recently lost their status when they flew too close to the sun and their home-made wings melted. There's a lesson here: Don't try to run with gods if you have to cheat.

The Morrigan

We're not sure what's more intimidating about the Irish goddess of war and battle: the fact that they call her the Battle Raven, or the fact that she can turn herself into a giant raven. Nekhbet thinks she's great, though, and the two of them love going to after-battle buffets together for all-you-can-eat enemies!


Who's from India, is half-man, half-eagle, and gets to fly around with the great god Vishnu on his back? If you guessed Garuda, you'd be right. He loves hanging out with the Air Force, but sometimes Nekhbet has to remind him he can't kill any of the flying snakes. (It's a long story.)

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