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Nekhbet - Kingdom Come

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Kingdom Come

The in-crowd for royal gods and their entourages is something everybody at God School wants to get into. Kingdom Come's waiting list is long, but we know Nekhbet made it into this year's invitations, as well as:

Zeus (Jupiter)

He's the king of the gods and the god of kings at the same time. There's very little that Zeus hasn't done, whether in his native Greece or elsewhere in the classical world. He's also quite the ladies' man, taking his pick from all the lovely queens and princesses in this clique—so long as his wife (and queen!) Hera isn't looking.

Queen Maeve

Maeve is this year's nominee from Ireland, and she's one hot mama. She showed up at the first clique meeting with her entire entourage of six siblings (three sisters and three brothers), a ton of money to throw around, and every eye in the place upon her. Some members are taking bets on whether someone will try to kill her before or after she gets thrown out…

Frey (Freyr)

Looks like Odin finally invited his hostage (it's complicated) to join the clique. Frey is a king of the Vanir, one of the two god-groups from northern Europe. The Norse really love him, with his great looks, flair for hospitality, and helpful attitude. Odin's hoping maybe Frey can convince more pretty girls to come back with them and share those long winter nights.

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