Vulture Club

Nekhbet, Isis, Hathor, Ma'at, and Mut of Egypt have company in their elite flock for vulture-related gods only. It's untrue that vultures are always smelly and gross. These birds know how to have a good time and look fabulous while doing it.

Kronos (Saturn)

He's a scary Titan and something of a jerk, but when he's not serving time in Tartarus, Saturn likes hanging out with the vulture club. When he moved from Greece to Rome, Saturn got a giant vulture of his own to use as a vehicle sometimes, though he tries not to ride it around anybody in the group, for fear they might kick him out. (Oops.)


Most people know this West African goddess as a beautiful woman. Once, she became a vulture so she could fly up high enough to beg the creator not to destroy mankind. Since then, though, she only wears feathers in her clothes, and hangs out with the other Vulture Clubbers for shopping and dancing.


In Mexico and Central America, Kukulcan ruled over all the elements. When he was working in the air, he took a vulture form, even though he can also be a feathered snake. This gives him something to talk about with Nekhbet and Isis, both of whom show up as snakes sometimes (though not to Vulture Club parties, of course!)

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