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Nun - Loner's List

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Loner's List

Some gods, like Nun, are either so big or so far away from humans and other gods that they don't get much company. Since nobody deserves to be lonely, not even a god, Nun started an Internet forum called the Loner's List for them. This week's top posters included:

The Pythia (The Oracle of Delphi)

She's not quite a goddess, but the Voice of Apollo on Earth gets lonely rather often—and it doesn't help that she lives down in a hole in a cave filled with toxic smoke. People avoid her also, because she knows everything that will ever happen. Don't mention it to her (though she probably already knows), but Nun's debating whether to ban her, since she revealed a bunch of spoilers in the Loner's List discussion about the new season of Doctor Who.


Wales's beautiful goddess queen is getting lonely. It's not because she's a bad person, or even because of one of those curses that Welsh deities like to throw around—nope, it's because her white horse won't stop running, and nobody can catch up with her. Thankfully, she managed to grab her tablet before the horse took off. (Hope she brought an extra battery pack!)


You won't catch Heimdall feasting in Asgard's halls most nights, or any nights, for that matter. That's because he's the protector of all things Norse, especially against the permanent danger of frost giants. It gets lonely and cold up at his watch post near the Bifrost bridge, but he's managed to figure out how to keep one eye on his mobile and another on the bridge during break times.

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