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Orion - Hunting Club

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Hunting Club

This clique is all about the great outdoors. Well, hunting animals in the great outdoors anyway. Orion is definitely one the stars of this group. In fact, his constellation in the sky is sometime just called "the Hunter."


This lady was a no-joke kind of hunter. Abandoned at birth, she grew up in the woods, so she had to learn to fend for herself. Atalanta's most famous hunt came when she set out with a bunch of dudes to track down the vicious Calydonian Boar. Even though all the dudes thought they could totally outhunt her because she was a girl, Atalanta drew first blood. Rock on, Atalanta.

Artemis (Diana)

Artemis is the president of this club. Being the goddess of the hunt, she kind of has to be, right? Her favorite thing to do is to run around in the woods, hunting with her swarm of virginal nymphs and her pack of dogs.


This guy is a hunter and a notorious amateur peeping tom. When he spied on Artemis while she was taking a bath in a forest pool, the goddess of the hunt turned him into a stag, and had his own dogs rip him apart. (Yikes.)


This son of Theseus is a great hunter and disciple of Artemis. Unluckily for him, his step-mom Phaedra had a thing for him. When he rejected her, she took revenge by telling Theseus that he'd tried to rape her. Hippolytus met his death when Theseus got Poseidon to send a sea monster to spook his horses. Poor Hippolytus was never to hunt again (unless you believe the story that Asclepius raised him from the dead).

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