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Orion Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Orion isn't too hard to spot. All you've got to do is look up into the night sky. These days, he kicks it as one of the brightest constellations up there. Back when he was alive, he was still pretty easy to spot. He was a giant, so it's not like hiding behind a bush ever did him much good. Not that Orion was really into hiding or anything. He was a fierce hunter who liked nothing better than stomping around the wilderness and whacking animals with his club. So yeah, dead or alive, you don't really need our help.

Sex: Male
Age: Twenties
Build: Huge
Complexion: Bronze
Hair Color: Brown
Facial Hair: Beard
Scars/marks/tattoos: Hunting scars
Jewelry and accessories: Nah
Clothing: Rough hide
Armor: Too tough for armor
Type of Weapon: Club, Bow and arrows

Typical Companions


Known Hangouts

The woods
The stars

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