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Osiris - Divine Kings

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Divine Kings

These gods rule. No, really, they do. Each of the gods in this clique is a king among his fellow deities. At recess, these guys don't play game—instead, they have games held in their honor.


Osiris might be king of the dead, and Horus might be the king of the living, but Amun-Ra gets to be king of the gods themselves. He rules from Thebes, where he is called Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands. Everybody knows Amun, because his crown is almost as tall as he is. Who needs to wear many hats when yours is bigger than all of them?

Zeus (Jupiter)

In Greece, Zeus is the king of the gods and a lord of sky and thunder. In Rome, they call him Jupiter, and he does pretty much the same thing. Being a thunder god, Zeus is a lot louder than Osiris, who likes to sit quietly and listen instead. Maybe that's also why Zeus gets all the girls?


Dagda's a crazy Irish god who has it all. If he needs to be rough, he has a club that can kill nine men at a time—but he can bring them back to life with the handle if he changes his mind. Being king of the fairies (the Tuatha De Danaan) is a pretty good job, and Dagda enjoys his fairy gifts. He's got a magic cauldron that's never empty, a beautiful magic harp that always plays pretty music, and two magic pigs that never run out of bacon.

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