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Osiris never has to worry about his feet in the afterlife—Osiris Shoes makes some pretty wicked skateboarding sneakers.

While his wife, Isis, has lunar craters, entire moons, and hurricanes named after her, Osiris gives his name to a complicated piece of machinery: the OSIRIS near-infrared integral field spectrograph located in Hawai'i. A god of darkness helps people measure light!

Another science appearance for Osiris is in the name of the Osirak nuclear reactor near Baghdad, Iraq. The reactor was built in 1976 and destroyed in 1981 by a surprise Israeli airstrike. (Source.)

Osiris likes music, and evidently music likes him. There's a death metal band called Born of Osiris, and there are at least two other bands named Osiris: a garage band from the 80's and a progressive rock band from Bahrain that reminds us of some old Egyptian music.

There's an entire genus of cleptoparasitic bees named for Osiris. The Osiris genus of bees is known from Mexico all the way south to Argentina, and takes over the nests of other bees and wasps to live. This is extra interesting, because one of the symbols of a pharaoh is a bee. (Source.)

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