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Osiris - Green Men

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Green Men

If it grows, these guys probably have something to do with it. They're a bunch of farming nerds, making all the trees in the schoolyard taller. They love playing in the sandbox, too. Osiris was one of the first Green Men, and has lots of friends in this clique.


Poor Adonis is too handsome for his own good. First he had a bunch of Greek goddesses fighting over him, and then one of them had him killed. His blood makes flowers grow, and the goddesses thought that was so cool that they let him live with Persephone in the land of the dead for part of the year, then come back to life to life with Aphrodite for the rest. Greeks and Romans like making gardens for him.


Jarilo was born tenth, so nobody noticed when someone stole him from his house in Eastern Europe and brought him to the land of the dead. Eventually, Jarilo's dad, Perun, noticed his son was missing and demanded him back. When Jarilo returns from his winter vacation, he brings birds, grasses, and flowers to decorate the world. In the fall, when most of his other friends are just going back to school, Jarilo gets to die instead. Talk about a bad way to skip class!


Osiris and Dionysus are both grape gods. In fact, together, they're probably the grape-est wine gods of all time. When Osiris first came to Rome, some people thought he was Dionysus, since he was also good-looking and made a mean merlot. But they're different gods—Dionysus parties a little harder, and has a bunch of satyr friends to cause mischief with. Plus, Dionysus is a son of Osiris's friend Zeus.

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