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Osiris - Skull and Bones Society

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Skull and Bones Society

The gods of the Skull and Bones Society are no strangers to death. All of them are either gods of death or of the afterlife, and they look pretty good in those long black trenchcoats. While they might look scary on the outside, they're all pretty good guys.


Before Osiris moved to town, Anubis was in charge of the land of the dead. Anubis really liked his job, though, so when Osiris took over, Anubis asked if he could stay and play with the dead people some more. Osiris said yes, so now Anubis stands guard outside Osiris's locker and makes sure nobody gets in without permission. (Are you going to argue with a seven-foot jackal?)


Yama's from India, originally, but traveled all over Asia. He's friends with dead Hindus and dead Buddhists, and they hang out in Naraka, a temporary place where everybody can wash off their sins in a giant waterfall. He's not as laid back as Osiris is, though. Yama has a beastly temper—and the huge teeth to prove it.

The Grim Reaper

Next time you see a big goth guy with a black cloak and a scythe, if he isn't carrying a skateboard or wearing sunglasses, it's a good bet you've run into the Grim Reaper. He calls himself "Death" just to be spooky. Lately, he makes a lot of money from heavy metal CDs and t-shirts that use his picture.


Hades is lord of the dead for the Greeks. He rules over the Underworld, and it's no picnic. Even his wife, Persephone, hates it down there. Maybe he shouldn't have kidnapped her after all.

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