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Persephone (Proserpine) - Flower Power Kids

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Flower Power Kids

These kids just can't get enough of spring. They pretty much mope around all winter just dying for the day when the world will blossom again. The Flower Power Kids are never happier than when the world is being renewed. Note to these ladies: don't move to Antarctica.

Core (Kore)

This lovely young goddess—keen on corn—was another version of Persephone who was also worshipped as part of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Like Persephone, she was all about spring and regeneration.


This hunkiest of hunks—who the Greeks said Persephone had a crush on—is actually a full-fledged god of fertility. In some versions of his story, he goes back and forth from the Underworld every year, causing cycles of growth and decay. No wonder Persephone digs him so much—they have a ton in common. For more on Adonis and his many different versions, check out Shmoop's take.

Eostre (Ostara)

Ever wondered what in the world bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter? Turns out that a version of Easter began long before the time of Christianity and it's actually named after Eostre, a Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. Both bunnies and eggs are symbols of fertility from way back, so when Eostre came on to the scene, these ancient symbols got looped into her festival.

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