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Perseus and Andromeda Perseus

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Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, is one the most famous of all Greek heroes and one of the most popular still today. Both versions of the Clash of the Titans films (1981 and 2010) are based on his legendary exploits. Just like pretty much every action hero of today, he is brave, daring, and handsome, defeating all the evil villains in his way with ease.

Man of Action

In the story of Perseus defeating the Gorgon Medusa we see our hero succeeding by using his quick thinking skills and sheer cleverness: he blackmails the Graeae to get valuable information and he kills Medusa while she's sleeping. The story of Perseus fighting Cetus the sea monster, however, gives us a chance to see our hero in combat. Just like you'd expect from someone played on the big screen by Sam Worthington, he's a pretty good fighter. Hey, all ancient Greek heroes are.

Love at First Sight

But Perseus doesn't take on the sea monster just to show off his buff muscles and prove his fighting skills. Nope, it's all about the girl. Every hero needs a love interest, right?

While flying over Ethiopia, Perseus spots the beautiful Andromeda chained to a rock in the sea, preparing for her future as a monster meal. Even without the help of Cupid and his pesky arrows, Perseus falls in love the princess at first sight. Later, when his claim to her hand is challenged by her former fiancé, Perseus quickly eliminates the competition. Meaning, um, he uses Medusa's head to turn the guy into a rather realistic stone sculpture.

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